Critical education combining
Hacker ethics

What we do
We believe that people with talent and tools can change the world. Help us transform it all!

At Critical Studies we aim to develop educational impactful projects combining Technological theory & praxis, deep understanding of the Arts and Media, and the foundations of clear critical Philosophical thinking.

Our 100% online educational programme is tailored to the skills and expectancies of each student, providing the sharp tools and thinking required to help transform the foundations of our societies.

100% online education based on 1 to 1 virtual mentoring

1 to 1 Virtual Mentoring

Virtual mentoring goes beyond featuring video conferences: it includes close follow through of each unique learning process, and sharing extensive course's documentation, code repositories and a vast collection of multimedia references.

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Student-centered learning tactics

Our purpose is to help each student achieve a fully functional prototype that embodies her unique learning process. Our experienced instructors will help to define the frequency of sessions and intensity of activities in accordance to each student's schedule availability and endgoals.

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Original tools for unique thinking

The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house: Technological sovereignity does not only gets rid of licensing fees, repetitive presets, or untimely project-breaking changes of commercial technologies: it allows us to imagine, create and share outside of the molds.

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The tools and skills to improve the world!

#3D, #design, #algorithm

Theory & praxis journey through a panorama of digital artforms and computational aesthetics' case studies.

#WWW, #design, #data, #networks

Although under corporate siege, Internet and alternative networks may still be the platforms for the most radical meaning production and transmission.

#mapping, #video, #urban, #installation

A computer-aided-illusion that aims to transform objects, surfaces and people by means of video projection.

#detection, #recogntion, #algorithm, #interactive

Fundamentals of real time image analysis algorithms for detection, recognition and tracking of moving objects.

#networks, #distributed, #actuators, #sensors

Exploit networks of devices that monitor and intervene in our environments in an almost invisible way.

#3D, #skeleton, #facial, #dynamic

Advanced 3D detection and reconstruction algorithms, body centered 3D scanning.

#augmented, #reality, #distributed, #narrative

Spatially distributed interventions in the perception of reality that bend the frontiers between reality and illusion.

#virtual, #reality, #distributed, #narrative

Reach into a synthetic world. Create applications to navigate VR experiences just like websites.

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